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Looking for the unfair advantage in selling cars this month?

The Key Is VIDEO!

"So Let's Get You These Videos Done 100% Strategically ... In The Next 30 Days ...

NO Experience, Knowing What To Say, OR Being Comfortable On Video Required!"

The Life You Want, The Income You Want... The Job That You Want, Is Going To Be Fueled By The Sales You Create...
Join September's Video Challenge Now!
Join The Challenge Now For A One-Time Discounted Payment Of Only $197
Want an "unfair advantage" with your sales & marketing efforts?
Would more, better-engaged social media followers help grow your car sales numbers?

How to build a real, loyal audience of customers?

Do you sometimes get overwhelmed by the thought of creating videos... but know it's something you have to do if you really want to succeed?

If so, then you're going to LOVE my 30 Day Video Challenge that's changing car sales marketing for good!
I'm Frank Crinite
I'm a 100 car a month salesperson from Philadelphia who get's the majority of my leads, referrals and repeat customers from my efforts on social media...

And I want to show YOU how video is the most important thing I do on Facebook!

So this is a personal invite for you to join my 30 Day Video Challenge and join more than 200 sales people from across the country getting a unfair advantage to reach more customers every day using video!

You have a story and a message that needs to be heard...

And you know the right way to do that is with video marketing!
Why I Created This Challenge For You...
Here's the TRUTH of the matter...
We all want an unfair advantage over our competition...

We want to be more memorable with our clients....

We know CONTENT is KING on social media today...

And EVERY successful sales person, dealership, and marketing department is using video to amplify their success.
But the question is, ARE YOU USING VIDEO STRATEGICALLY as part of your marketing strategy?
And while you might suck on camera right now, when I show you step by step the videos that I do everyday, and how you can knock these out of the park in under 3 minutes a day, regardless of how confident or not you are...

Here's How It Works...
Each day for the next 30 days...
I'll send you a quick instructional video where I'll challenge you to take just ONE quick video... And post it to your social media!

That's it!

And no, they don't need to be perfect, and you don't need any equipment apart from the phone you are currently holding!

My Goal For You Is Simple...
That in the next 30 days, you become so memorable that nobody has the choice to forget you or ignore you!
We Are Going To Use My Proven Formula For Video Success
Instead of just cranking out videos for the sake of creating them, we'll have the RIGHT message delivered at the RIGHT time!

Once you join I'll explain more about exactly what to say in your videos, how to monetise them [withOUT being salesy], and where to post them, and a lot more!
Client Engagement Videos
Goal: Have your happy clients bring you more exposure and more referrals
Awareness Building Videos
Goal: Get all your family, friends and connections knowing exactly what you do
Call To Action Videos
Goal: Drive you direct sales from your videos on social media
Here's What You'll Get When You Join The Challenge
PreChallenge Training Videos
Get confident, be clear about your goals, and know exactly where, when, and how you will shoot each video for the 30 days
($97 Value)
Daily Video Tutorials
Everyday you'll receive a short video training from me giving you tips on how to get the most of of your video today.
($497 Value)
Daily Accountability Tracker
Stay on track everyday with the activities that will give you the edge! You will receive a activity tracker that will keep you accountable on the things you learn.
($97 Value)
Weekly Live Group Q&A Sessions
I want to review your videos and give you the direct advice you need to take them to the next level
($497 Value)
Facebook Support Group
Get access to a community of likeminded encouragers to ensure you stay on track and keep to your goals
($297 Value)
PLUS Special Guest Mentor - Shawn Hays!
Great innovative salesman without managers who are innovative, forward thinkers usually have trouble implementing  these great processes!!
So Shawn is going to help with this!!!
($297 Value)
As If That Wasn't Enough, There Are Prizes To Be Won!
The top performer from this month's challenge, wins a Personal Consultation to Deep Dive One-on-One with Frank Crinite on Any Topic of Your Choice.
PLUS FREE ACCESS TO ALL 2020 Challenges!
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My Guarantee To You!
Here's the thing...

I'm not a born sales person and I'm not a born presenter...

In fact, I'm not your typical sales person. 

I just love helping people, and networking with people.

And video gives me the unique ability to connect with more people than I could just phoning people all day...

And here's the thing!

If I can dominate on social media, and become the car guy of my city selling over 100 cars a month, why can't you!

And so here's my guarantee...

Try the ENTIRE THING for 30 FULL days, risk free! Join the challenge, participate, implement and AND jump on the weekly trainings, AND IF after completing all of those, if you feel like this isn't the greatest training of it's kind, I'll send you all your money back.

That's right. All you need to do is to email me with your receipt with the title "My Dog Ate It" and I'll give you back your money with no questions asked.

Sound more than fair?

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